In order to raise the economic attractiveness of Sochaczew, our local authorities are including Sochaczew’s investment lands to the LSEZ.

A Subzone of Special Economic Zone of Łódź S.A. (ŁSEZ) has been established in Sochaczew pursuant to the Decree of The Council of Ministers dated January 22nd, 2013 to enhance new opportunities for investments. The Sub-Zone of Sochaczew covers the area of 6 ha located near the city center, at Pola Czerwonkowskie.

A Sochaczew Subzone of ŁSEZ provides an attractive offer especially for the BPO sector enterprises, which are sincerely invited to invest in Sochaczew !

For more information about investment conditions in the ŁSEZ, please consult the website:

Any information on investing possibilities at area of Subzone Sochaczew, as well as in the City is provided by Business and Investor Service Department.